DIY: Painting My Laminate Countertops

Hello Friends!

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Today I have a DIY post for you all! Since the day I moved into our house I have always dislike the cheap, laminate countertops that are in our kitchen. My dream counters would be butcher block. However, new counters are not in the budget right now plus we do not plan for this to be our forever home.

I have been debating a solution for the entire four years we have lived here. I actually bought a kit to paint them to look like white granite. I never used it and now I have decided I am not a fan of freckled granite. My next solution was to use contact paper to look like butcher block. The issue I had with this was that I could not find a contact paper that did not look cheap and fake. I finally landed on the decision to paint them a solid color. I had considered going a really dark contrast and doing black, but I am too chicken for that. I decided on white and I.LOVE.IT. It has totally upgraded the appearance of my kitchen!

In this post I am going to walk you through the process of painting my laminate countertops. I watched a tutorial from Proverbs 31 Girl where she painted her bathroom counter. She used Rustoleum Appliance Epoxy spray paint. I did not want to be spraying all over my kitchen because I do not trust myself to not get paint EVERYWHERE. I used the same Rustoleum paint, only the paint can version. I will link the paint here. I also used some small rollers from Amazon.

Below is what the counters looked like before the update.

This photo is also pre-backsplash. My dad cut me a bead-board backsplash that you will see in the after photo. As you can see I have a chip missing from the corner of my counter. I just painted over it with the paint because I no longer had the piece.

I started by taking everything off of my counters and cleaning them thoroughly with soap and water. Then I took some sandpaper and roughed everything up a little bit. This is was just to help the paint to stick. I taped up everything as much as I could. Ideally I should have done the counters before the backsplash, but that is not how it worked out.

The paint was great. It went on easy and covered well. It was a little strong so I would recommend opening some windows! It took about three coats to completely cover everything. I did have to cut in around the edges, corners, and around the sink with a paint brush. I let everything dry overnight. Once everything dried I was able to see if I missed anything and clean it up a bit. I had gotten a little paint on my sink. No worries. I put some nail polish remover on a cloth and wiped it right off. I also did a little cleaning up around the edges of my sink. I absolutely love the way it turned out!

TADA! I love it! I know this may be a lot of white for some people but the issue I have with our kitchen is that we get horrible light in this room. Hence why my photos are a little grainy. I feel like by painting everything white it helps to brighten everything up. Plus I am obsessed with how clean it looks!

The only thing is now I feel that my sink sticks out like a sore thumb! I am thinking about painting my sink a matte black as a deep contrast to all the white. Don’t worry, I will document that process! 😉

I really enjoyed this project! It was super easy to do and it cost me around $20! This has completely upgraded my kitchen and it looks so much better than those cheap, freckled counters.

You can watch my video tutorial on this process on my channel Sweet Magnolias!

Much Love,


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